In a nutshell.


4DOF Inc. provides specialized kits and components for Laser Processing Systems... the things that take Laser Processing Systems to the next level of value and performance. 

20 years of System Design has built a great skill-set, and a comprehensive supply chain.  

Almost 15 years working with the highest level Motion Controller, and almost 10 years of working with the highest level Laser Systems group, results in a robust skill-set, a deep professional network, and great vendor relationships.

Our experience and creativity have led to the design and discovery of optimized methods and high value components, making systems great.  

Let 4DOF launch you to the leading edge of value and performance.



More than just engineering.


Leveraging the supply chain developed over 20 years of R&D and product development, 4DOF is now the product side, complimenting the service side, of Mimix Motion Inc.

Often, the highly optimized design and development process that creates the next product, or develops the new process, is hamstrung by a cumbersome and inefficient supply chain. Momentum that is gained by the creative output of development teams is stymied by the costs and schedules of big infrastructures, procedural protocols, and supply chain inefficiencies.

Now, managers can cut time and cost by ordering the manufactured products developed by Mimix Motion Inc, directly from 4DOF Inc. as a purchased part, with a simple part number.

Whether it be a one-time part in quantity = 1, or an assembly kit that consolidates part of a costly and messy BOM, 4DOF provides the efficiency of

one part number, one cost, one delivery.

But here is the kicker... the aspect of this business model we are most proud of -- At any time, the customer can check costs and lead times compared to their own internal supply chain, quickly verifying a net gain, in time and budget. There is no risk.

We provide improved costs and lead time, or nothing at all.